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Introduction of KIKAI institute

 A field based marine institute for coral reefs sciences, Impact 11, 65-67


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  • Coral Reef Research

    KIKAI institute is our base for coral reef research. We investigate coral reefs all over the world with lateral sciences, environmental science, geology, biology, ecology, and so on.
  • Marine Observation

    We establish marine observatory for North Western Pacific. Kikai island has no terrestrial input, far from the continent, and less effect from Kuroshio Current, which means no mask to capture the global climate changes.
  • Resource Preservation

    We preserve scientific specimens for coral reef sciences and make database for the next future sciences. We also also collect and preserve the scientific literature.
  • Science Education

    Our goal is producing future scientists . We hold science camp for kids, seminar, and many social events to promote coral reef sciences. Our activity and scientific outcome are always open for the public.